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17h30 > 18h10

GreenOps + FinOps - Ways to get your Cloud consumption under control!


Benjamin Brial - Cycloid
Olivier De Turckheim - Cycloid

For teams responsible for building the applications and infrastructure that drive cloud costs, one of the key challenges is having visibility into how their day-to-day design, build, and run decisions are affecting the bottom line. Tracking these costs becomes even more challenging across multiple clouds, each with its own breakdown of spending, but with no way of assessing the total breakdown of services and expenditure. Add to this a new global pressure to keep an eye on the carbon impact of cloud consumption, and you might have a serious problem to solve, and thus quicker than we all originally planned! In this talk, we will discuss the true impact of implementing a hybrid/multi-cloud strategy on your organization and the planet, and ways to regain a level of control through infrastructure IaC, FinOps, and GreenOps.

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